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Ben & Xania Payne · Owners

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The Herd

Our foundation herd of five Huacaya females was purchased in 2011 from Michigan breeders. They all have wonderful attributes which are described here. All were bred in 2011 to have babies (cria) in 2012. Though our first experiences with alpaca births were tumultuous, we have two lovely cria, Pearl & Samson.

Late summer 2012 the farm invested in four new pregnant females, three of which brought along male cria to keep Samson company. These new additions are described here.

During the summer of 2013, KK Irrestible Dreamgirl gave birth to Beatrix (light fawn) and White Porsche, to Helen (white). Like her brother Butter Nut, Beatrix has fantastic dense, soft and bright fleece. Helen, also has fantastic fleece, but also has one blue eye and is deaf. The genetics associated with blue-eyed whites are fascinating. White Porshe's previous cria were not solid colors, indicating the presence of the "white-spot" gene. So her previous owners ran a significant risk of producing a deaf baby by breeding her to a light-colored herd sire. The good news is that Helen is happy, healthy and completely oblivious to her handicap. Click here for a fascinating article on blue-eyed white alpacas.

Though our endeavors are primarily fiber-production driven, we do have several alpaca for sale. They are showcased at our farm site here.

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