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Alpacas - The Animal

  • Alpacas are members of the camelid family and are indigenous to South America similar to Llamas.
  • Alpacas stand approximately 36 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Alpacas weigh between 100 to 200 pounds. Alpacas are mild tempered, curious, and unlike their Llama cousins, are not inclined to spit.
  • Alpacas primarily eat grass and hay.
  • Since they have a three-compartment stomach, they require very little food and their manure can be put directly on the garden.
  • Manure is kept to a communal spot thus reducing parasite infestation.
  • Alpacas are easy on the land due to their padded feet.
  • Five to ten alpacas can be successfully raised on one acre of land.
  • Alpacas come in 22 distinct colors.
  • Gestation is approximately 345 days.
  • A baby alpaca is called a cria.

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